If your apartment needs repair, contact your property manager right away. It is the goal of this agency to provide you with the highest quality maintenance service. Our staff will respond as soon as possible. If an adult will not be home during the service appointment, we will need clear permission to enter the apartment.

How & When

Residents can make a request for services by calling the property management office both during the day or after-hours. If the call is made after-hours, our On-Call maintenance staff will respond to all emergency requests based on the time the call was placed. For life threatening emergencies such as fire, or criminal activity, please dial 9-1-1 immediately.

Please note, when requesting a work order, please provide the necessary information such as address, a description of the work required, and phone number. Please retain a work order number for reference. Either the CCHA or the resident may generate a work order.
Most work can be completed in one visit, but sometimes the maintenance staff must return to your residence to finish the work (for example: if a part needs to be ordered.) A card will be left showing the time the staff member was there, and what work was done. If you have any questions about maintenance on your apartment, simply contact your property manager.

Maintenance Charges

If a repair is determined to be caused by a resident or a resident’s guest, the Management Office staff may charge the resident for the repair.  For other repairs, charges will reflect current material costs and the time required to perform repairs. If you disagree with the maintenance charges, you should submit a written appeal within 14 days of receiving the notification of charges that states the reasons you disagree.

The  Maintenance Charge List shows the most common types of work see the link below.