Families with an active housing choice voucher can transfer their assistance to any other city in the country that has a HCV Program. This program feature is known as portability. When a family transfers their voucher from another housing authority into Corpus Christi, it is called “porting in.”

When a family transfers their voucher from Corpus Christi to another city, it is called “porting out.” The transfer process can be timely, so families must plan accordingly. If you are a current voucher holder and you are interested in porting into Corpus Christi, you must request to exercise the Portability option from your current housing authority.

If found eligible to port, your housing authority must submit the paperwork below to us, so that we may start the process.

–  Family Portability Information – Form HUD-52665
–  Voucher – Form HUD-52646 (issue date must not be a future date)
–  Family Report – Form HUD-50058 (Copy of the most recent)
–  Copies of income verification listed on Family Report such as:
     Earned Income Verification (EIV) Report (if available), and
     Supporting Income verifications matching the Family Report.
–  Family contact information, including a valid contact phone number and mailing address.

The documents listed above may be sent to the Housing Authority via mail, fax, or email at the following:

Porting In Contact:

E-mail: portability@hacc.org
Phone: (361) 889-3300
Fax: (361) 889-3357


Corpus Christi Housing Authority
Attention: Intake Department
3701 Ayers St
Corpus Christi, TX 78415

*Please allow approximately 10-15 calendar days for us to receive all required documents and follow-up with your initial housing authority.

Upon receipt of your portability paperwork your initial housing authority will receive a Housing Authority letter of acknowledgment.

NOTE: If your contact number and/or address changes after the Housing Authority receives your paperwork you must submit your updated information in writing to the Housing Authority.