Lorenzo Buitron

Sr. VP OF Construction & Maintenance

Lorenzo (Larry) Buitron is the Sr VP CFP Construction for the Corpus Christi Housing Authority, directing and supervising all modernization, capital improvements, special new construction projects, and contract work.  This includes the administration and monitoring of all Capital Fund Grants.

Larry has also served as Assistant Director of Capital Funds, Capital Fund Program Coordinator, and CFP/DTS Inspector.  He worked his way up in the agency, starting out as a Maintenance Mechanic, to Maintenance Supervisor, before promoting up to the executive staff.

Prior to being employed at the Corpus Christi Housing Authority, Larry worked in the HVAC and construction industry for 18 years. He has maintained his HVAC license, and earned numerous Capital Fund training certificates. Among many other things, Larry is an accomplished team leader and has been instrumental in the success of the Capital Fund Program.