This Program prepares and compiles reports and technical correspondence and/or support data. Also, advertises invitations to bid, bid opening reviews, and complete required documentation with successful low bidder.

In addition, administers and monitors modernization projects that involve Capital Fund Grants that are allocated for the housing stock. Records and files documentation of all HUD required documents, revisions, annual and semi-annual reports, and semi-annual reports, and the five-year plan.

Monitors DEP funded projects for construction, which are limited to security, i.e., fencing, and lighting. Meets with property managers regarding relocations of tenants and set up relocation transfers for tenants. Coordinates issues that involve contractors and architects. Inspects all work performed by the contractors.

Procurement & Energy Management ensures that goods and services needed to carry out the Housing Authority mission are procured with due attention to economy and efficiency; and that the procurement process meets all the requirements of federal, state and local laws.

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